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Healthful Practices Taught at César Chávez Elementary Fair

César Chávez Elementary School hosted the Muévete Health Fair last Saturday to help educate students and their families about ways to maintain optimum health. A variety of workshops were hosted by local high school students on...
Chelsi Truency SPANISH

El Absentismo Escolar Estudiantil Disminuye en Escuelas del Distrito de la Misión

En promedio, los niños en el Distrito de la Misión faltan a clase constantemente o llegan tarde a la escuela más frecuentemente que otros alumnos en todo el distrito escolar. Asimismo, las escuelas en la...
Amarelis Raygoza, a second-grader at Cesar Chavez, walked to school with her mother Carmen.

Keep Failing Schools Open, Say Parents

Parents of low-performing schools aren't prepared to support the shutting down of the schools, one of the four options for low-achieving schools.
Moscone teachers get by without an aide

School Funding Slides Along Achievement Lines

High-performing Moscone Elementary School struggles with fewer resources as the state and feds direct money to the low performing.