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Unaccompanied Minors Talk Trauma at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center

As a long time clinician at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, Manuel Arredondo began to increasingly get requests to visit with unaccompanied minors who were suffering from the trauma of having left their homes in...

Nonprofits Struggle With Influx of Immigrant Youth

The Bay Area, and the Mission in particular, has long been a refuge for immigrants fleeing their country of origin. However, with a surging number of predominantly young migrants escaping intensified violence in Central America, the...
Police close off the corner of 24th and Harrison streets after a masked gunman opened fire last year. File photo by Francisco Barrada.

Mission Leaders Unite to Stop Gun Violence

Roberto Hernandez stood before facing an auditorium packed with city authorities and hundreds of his community organizer colleagues one recent Thursday. “I am tired of raising money for coffins,” he proclaimed. “The norm is to hit...
Ana Pérez and Roberto Lovato at Friday's celebration.

From Basta to Hasta la Vista

Lou Dobb's resignation is a reason for drinking and dancing for Bay Area activists.

One Mission Parades Against Violence

Video by Bryan Gibel

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Peace procession and rally unite community after September's shootings.
Sheila Chung Hagen

From Activist to Negotiator

Sheila Chung Hagen worked effectively behind the scenes on the Sanctuary Ordinance.

Leaving the Gang: Tattoo Goes First

What would you do if you were given a Second Chance? By STEFANIA ROUSSELLE