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Baking Pan de Muerto With Chaac-Mool

Chaac-Mool owners Luis Vazquez and Maria de la Luz Vazquez talk to Mission Local about the traditions of Día de los Muertos and share their recipe for pan de muerto: 1 lb. white flour 1 cup...
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LIVE BLOG: 2012 California Election Results

Once the polls close, this interactive California graphic will update with real-time election results as Golden State votes are counted. Watch the results roll in beginning at 8 p.m. PST. Find out how Californians cast...

Bill Will Make it Legal to Sell Home-Cooked Fare

Good news for jammers, granola mixers and others.
Amarelis Raygoza, a second-grader at Cesar Chavez, walked to school with her mother Carmen.

Keep Failing Schools Open, Say Parents

Parents of low-performing schools aren't prepared to support the shutting down of the schools, one of the four options for low-achieving schools.
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State Trashes California’s Recycling Program

California's green image tarnished by recycling program meltdown.
The conference took place at UCSF's new Mission Bay campus.

CEOs and Profs Debate Whether Technology Can Cut Health Care Costs

Hundreds convened at Mission Bay to watch the show.
By George Szakall

PG&E Wants Rate Hike for Efficient Energy Users

New PG&E plan will give rate breaks to high energy users, but efficient customers will pay the price.


With Day of the Dead and Halloween now behind us, surely many people will get the post-dress-up-like-a-fool-in-public blues. But November has other treats in store. And not just turkey/tofurkey day. That’s right, it’s Movember! Not...
Photo by Tom Ellenberger via Wikimedia

DNA Profiling: You May Be Next

The ACLU claims California DNA collection law violates civil rights.
Moscone teachers get by without an aide

School Funding Slides Along Achievement Lines

High-performing Moscone Elementary School struggles with fewer resources as the state and feds direct money to the low performing.