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Baking Pan de Muerto With Chaac-Mool

*+-Chaac-Mool owners Luis Vazquez and Maria de la Luz Vazquez talk to Mission Local about the traditions of Día de los Muertos and share their recipe for pan de muerto: 1 lb. white flour 1 cup...
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LIVE BLOG: 2012 California Election Results

*+-Once the polls close, this interactive California graphic will update with real-time election results as Golden State votes are counted. Watch the results roll in beginning at 8 p.m. PST. Find out how Californians cast...

Cine Latino to Split Into Gym and Restaurant

*+-Cine Latino, one of the Mission’s oldest theaters, may not screen another double feature, but if all goes according to the building owner’s plans, the theater will soon house a restaurant and a gym.

Bill Will Make it Legal to Sell Home-Cooked Fare

*+-Good news for jammers, granola mixers and others.
Amarelis Raygoza, a second-grader at Cesar Chavez, walked to school with her mother Carmen.

Keep Failing Schools Open, Say Parents

*+-Parents of low-performing schools aren't prepared to support the shutting down of the schools, one of the four options for low-achieving schools.
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State Trashes California’s Recycling Program

*+-California's green image tarnished by recycling program meltdown.
The conference took place at UCSF's new Mission Bay campus.

CEOs and Profs Debate Whether Technology Can Cut Health Care Costs

*+-Hundreds convened at Mission Bay to watch the show.
By George Szakall

PG&E Wants Rate Hike for Efficient Energy Users

*+-New PG&E plan will give rate breaks to high energy users, but efficient customers will pay the price.


*+-With Day of the Dead and Halloween now behind us, surely many people will get the post-dress-up-like-a-fool-in-public blues. But November has other treats in store. And not just turkey/tofurkey day. That’s right, it’s Movember! Not...
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DNA Profiling: You May Be Next

*+-The ACLU claims California DNA collection law violates civil rights.
Moscone teachers get by without an aide

School Funding Slides Along Achievement Lines

*+-High-performing Moscone Elementary School struggles with fewer resources as the state and feds direct money to the low performing.