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An inconspicuous office building on Mission Street deals with some of the city's most troubled residents.

Mental Health Battle On

*+-"The more you get to know someone, the more you don't look at them and think, 'The police arrested you naked and defecating in the middle of the street.'" says Walter Glaser, an employment specialist...

After State Budget Cuts: More Toothless Mission Residents

*+-"If you don't have canine to canine tooth coverage, it's hard to get a job even as a line cook at McDonalds," says Carolyn Brown, General Director of the Native American Health Center. En Español

Valencia St. Merchants and Muni Supporters Clash

*+-Some merchants say the plan to extend meter hours will cost them business. En Español
Members of SEIU 1021 protest outside of City Hall on Monday night.

Supes Vote to Delay Layoffs, Mayor Controls Purse Strings

*+-The BOS votes to restore $2 million for public health workers, but where's the money? En Español