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Courtesy of artist Jos Sances.

Benefit for Mission Artists Attracts Latino All Stars

The fundraiser tonight for leading cultural figures Rene Yañez and Yolanda Lopez, who are being evicted from the home they have lived in for 35 years, will bring together some of the icons of the Latino...

‘Night Wakes Dawn’

From Brava Theater’s website: ‘Night Wakes Dawn’ is a musical, theatrical exploration of the beliefs and prophecies initiated by the Mayan culture surrounding December 21, 2012 and tells a story of how these larger spiritual...
event poster for Latin Jazz Festival

Happening Now: Mission Latin Jazz Festival

Four Latin jazz bands will perform throughout this afternoon and early evening at the Mission’s First Annual Latin Jazz Festival. The music begins at 2 p.m. with San Francisco brass band VL Trio, led by Cuban...

Mixing Sounds and Silence at the SF Electronic Music Festival

It’s Saturday night at the Brava Theater, and a man and a woman stand on stage in front of an old school projector. Black microchips lay against a white backdrop, and the two use an...

Hey Kids! Sizing Down My Holidays 12-10 to 12-18

Sizing Down My Holidays 12 – 10 to 12 – 18 Hey Kids! is a weekly feature looking at what’s coming up for families and kids of all ages. Hello Mission Families-the winter holiday season...
An unemployed carpenter hands out flyers in front of Brava.

Construction Drama at Brava

Theater gets caught in an off-stage labor dispute between the carpenters' union and a private construction firm. En Español