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Selina Rodriguez, 19, uses a computer with a city-provided ethernet connection at the Valencia Gardens Computer Center.

City’s Effort to Bridge the Digital Divide with Free Broadband Disappoints Many

With great fanfare and a Valencia Gardens visit from Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski, San Francisco’s Broadband Project premiered in 2009 with a simple idea for bridging the digital divide: free Internet access for...

Isolated From Potrero Hill’s Affluence, the Terrace-Annex Projects Wait for Renewal

“No pizza place will deliver up here,” said one woman who didn’t want to be named as she waited for the 10 Townsend bus. “If you’re sick and can’t go buy food, your kids will...
Ginale Harris's pitbull, Tyson, watches the gift pile at Bernal Dwellings.

Rappers Turn Out for Toys

Bernal Dwellings celebrates its second annual Toy Drive, rap included. En Español