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The Art Wall on Valencia. A J.R. Project.

Misfits on Valencia

*+-When the Inside Out Project of JR, the Parisian street artist, came to the Mission in August, we chronicled its work.  Some would look at the new graffiti on the art wall, where some of...

Mission Artist Releases Wacky Art App to Customize Photos

*+-Mission-based artist Patrick Sean Gibson this week co-released an updated version of the mobile application Brain Snap. Created in collaboration with the iPhone app producer 99centbrains, the app allows users to apply Gibson’s original artwork to...

FOR SALE: Parklet

*+-In the general "For Sale" section of Craigslist, wedged between an ad for garage door remotes and some contraption for icing sore knees, is an ad you could easily miss: “Parklet for sale -- $12,000.”
On the left, Mary Swope, photographer in a portrait by Photobooth co-owner Vince Donovan. On the right, one of Swope's works from her show, "I Can't Hold It Anymore:" Polaroid Interpretations of Seinfeld.

Seinfeld in 102 Polaroids

*+-In collaboration with Vince Donovan, co-owner of Photobooth, a photo gallery, store and studio on Valencia Street, Mary Swope whittled the collection down to 102 photos that will cover the gallery's walls this Saturday night...