Giants fans take to the streets after the Giants beat the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series on Sunday. Photo by Rigoberto Hernandez

Fans Take to the Street After Giants Win World Series

What started as a celebration of the San Francisco Giants’ 4-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers Sunday night to win the World Series quickly turned into absolute mayhem in the Mission. Shortly after Giants pitcher...
Lincecum and Giant GM Brian Sabean exiled to bleachers after haircut.

Hipster Gets Hair Cut

Tim Lincecum, your favorite hipster, has pitched many marvelous games in San Francisco; Saturday night was not one of them. His freaky flameout in a big game has put “Your” SF Giants’ season on life...
Freak lets go of personal angst

Freak Flattens Philly

Earlier this Migraine: The Empire Strikes Back Like a drone attack, the current losing streak pulverizing Your SF Giants came out of nowhere. In Parts I-III of our midsummer’s blockbuster migraine, the Empire adds to...