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Esta Noche in sepia tone. Photo by Daniel Hirsch.

R-Rated and Ephemeral: Spinning LGBT History

It was San Francisco’s last Latino-owned gay bar—open from 1981 to 2014, featured on HBO’s Looking, the launching pad of countless drag queens’ careers, a safe haven for many. Nowadays, Esta Noche is being gutted...
Artist Scott Weaver at Root Division group show in 2009. Photo by Steve Saldivar.

A Cash Infusion to Support Nonprofits

Rising rents have forced the relocation or closure of several nonprofits in recent months, among them: Hyde Street Community Services, Under One Roof, and Root Division. A new initiative from The Mayor’s Office of Housing...

Nonprofits Struggle With Influx of Immigrant Youth

The Bay Area, and the Mission in particular, has long been a refuge for immigrants fleeing their country of origin. However, with a surging number of predominantly young migrants escaping intensified violence in Central America, the...