Morning commute past the Elbo Room. Photo by Hadley Robinson

Good Morning Mission! Reflections

It is 8:01 a.m. but these photos were taken earlier this morning. It is now 56˚ and expected to rise  to 62˚. Details for the next ten days here. Today’s block: Valencia to Lexington, Sycamore to 18th. With the light good early on, so much the better to sign on to document your block. … Continue reading
Lisette Mejia, Jessica Lum, Fay Abuelgasim and Hadley Robinson

A Few Words About Jess

In trying to cobble together words about my friend and former colleague Jessica Lum and her passing this weekend, I've thought about working with her -- from our collaborative multimedia projects to her pushing me through my only all-nighter in grad school to finish the print edition of Mission … Continue reading

New Mission Play Area and Fields Open

Though the ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for Mission Playground this morning was canceled, that didn't stop strollers from rolling in, kids and adults from testing the new playing fields and a young boy from chasing bubbles across the soccer field. City officials, including the mayor, were … Continue reading