George Lipp

Photographer and writer living in the mission

Stories by George

Angels on South Van Ness

I picked up a voice message at the shop Thursday and passed it on to Jim (The Reed Organ Man) who was at home with...

MAPP at Artillery

Tunari performed last night at Artillery Apparel Gallery on Mission Street.

Happy… Unless You Are a Worm

In preparing the soil for some summer veggies we included some wonderful worm compost from our bins.  This stuff is amazing, more on that later....


      #carnavalSF happening now 22nd and Harrison — Camilo Landau (@camilitocamilon) May 24, 2014 12:30 p.m. It’s getting off to a slow...

Earning More, Enjoying Less

Planet Money shows us how San Franciscans and those in other big cities, may earn more than other places, but it feels like a whole...

SNAP: Scary Commute

  The construction cranes are being taken down at the new condominiums next to New Mission Theater.