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1) I was born in the 60’s under an Andean sky. 2) Fidel Castro was on the short wave radio while my mom was in labor.. the whole 8 hours! 3) My dad was in jail when I was born. He agreed with Fidel. The government then didn’t like him. 4) My first memory is a “playing” with plants in my grandma’s garden. They remember me as the plague. As a karmic retribution I worked as a gardener for two years… Now I only pull weeds. 5) I learned to make my own toys as all peasant kids do. 6) I learned to eat all kinds of things (wasps, ants, lizards, etc, and specially guinea pigs.. yumm) 7) I lived most of my life under military regimes, economic crisis and war. It made me the jaded individual that I am… I hate injustice but I have faith in humans.. deep down. 8) I was raised by a catholic mother and an atheist father. Both fervent, both wrong. I became agnostic. 9) During the summer vacations my parents sent me to the Andes to live with grandma. I was a happy wild child. Roamed the hills, hunted frogs for dinner and climbed cherry trees and ate until I was sick. 10) I learned about WWII thanks to very old magazines my grandma had in a big box. I was too naïve to understand. 11) When I was in college I decided to study Economics. Knowing how the world really works depressed me. Then I read Das Kapital (the 3 volumes no less) and it gave me hope then... now?? I am too cynical to endorse any, too experienced to know that both are failed systems. 12) I learned that challenging authority has a heavy price but it is freaking worth it. 13) I almost got disappeared on my 21st birthday thanks to a military patrol. I was lucky that day. 14) I have learned to be patient. I can’t believe it!! I guess I am very old now. 15) but I don’t feel old at all. 16) I love my friends, lovers, music, images, art, good wine and children. I just love life.

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