Claire Weissbluth

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Claire is a filmmaker who grew up deep in the woods of Northern California. She's passionate about visual storytelling and taco trucks, taking pictures of street art, and watching movies at the Roxie.

Stories by Claire

Let the World Cup Begin!

*+-Would you rather watch soccer while eating a plate of delicious, cheesy pupusas or is chugging Irish Car Bombs more your thing? Either way, Balompie...

It Was a Carnaval To Dance To

*+-Hundreds of thousands of Bay Area residents and tourists danced, ate and danced again on Saturday and Sunday’s 36th annual Carnaval festival and parade. “I...


*+-      #carnavalSF happening now 22nd and Harrison — Camilo Landau (@camilitocamilon) May 24, 2014 12:30 p.m. It’s getting off to a slow...