Snap: The Mission’s Six Food Groups?

By Keli Dailey.

By Keli Dailey.

Maybe the Mission has six essential food groups.

From delicate ice creams (Bi-Rite is the creamy headliner, but there are many good performers around here).

To Mission-style burritos that brim with so much warmth and goodness, your first bite fills you with optimism (Papalote!  Wrestling with your Mexipino fusion of Latin/Filipino flavors is like rolling in a bathtub filled with Zoloft – it makes us happy)!

Add your nominees for the best Mission tacos, quesadillas, hot sandwiches and nachos in the comments.

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  1. Anna

    no “kombocha”, kimchee, cafe lattes, microbrews, organic kobe beef and kale? LOL

    I like fruit paletas from the street vendors pushing carts. They get my business. As does Copa Loca and Mitchell’s.

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