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It is 7 a.m, 58° and headed to 70°. Details for the next ten days are here.

Watch out while climbing the hills of San Mateo, apparently, there are mountain lions on the prowl. Should you be attacked, good luck calling 911. The Chronicle reports that the staff at the emergency hotline is stretched thin.

How do youth fair in immigrant court? This infographic has the grim answers.

Are you ready to feel covetous? Check out this Dwell slideshow of a Mission District Edwardian converted to a hyper modern, eco-friendly family home by local architects Andrew Dunbar and Zoee Astrakhan.

Does this post by Broke Ass Stuart perfectly illustrate your life in a shared rent-controlled apartment?

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  1. Sam

    Did the writer miss the high school civics class where the rest of us were taught that many of our constitutional rights are reserved for citizens?

    Damn straight illegals do not get taxpayer-funded legal help because those same taxpayers have voted to uphold the constitutional provision that certain “inalienable” rights are not available to aliens.

    Any illegal who gets caught is free to hire their own lawyer, as in any other civil action. Just don’t ask me to subsidize that, regardless of age and culpability.

    • Kim

      Sam, you must be one of those compassionate conservatives they tried to get us to believe exist.

      And guess what, the only reason these kids don’t get lawyers is because this is civil court, no criminal.

      It must burn you that anyone accused of a crime gets FREE lawyers even if undocumented.

      • Sam

        I have no problem with citizens of our fine nation getting a public defender. If you thought otherwise, you are wrong and should instead have asked.

        I do have a problem with illegals getting a defense on the public dime, and I think you will find that view is wildly popular in this nation.

        Immigration courts are totally separate from both our criminal and civil court system and, by their very nature, they dispense summary justice.

  2. Frank

    Big real estate moves by Google. Is this part of a strategy to reduce their reliance on commuter buses? San Francisco better build more housing…fast.

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