Trees and Commerce Clash/Crash on 20th Street?

Photo by Yvette Chavez

Photo by Yvette Chavez

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Yvette Chavez, a community contributor, submitted this photo and wrote: “A glut of delivery trucks parked in the red zone at 20th Street and Florida have finally taken out a tree.”

We’ll be looking into the story, but this is also a great opportunity to crowdsource a story. What do those in the neighborhood think? Is there a crash/clash between residents and the new restaurants, etc. along 20th Street between Alabama and Florida. Solutions?

It was once a lot quieter and now Southern Exposure and the Atlas Cafe have been joined by Sightglass Coffee, La Salumeria, and Central Kitchen in addition to some new retail.

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  1. daniella

    My grandma has been living in 20th St for the past 15 years and I used to love the nice quiet neighborhood. Now it’s just a mess there is never any parking too many businesses in one block that it is disturbing the residents. I think the red zones shouldn’t be there because the residents that live there should have rights to parking. I personally don’t like how this turned out and I actually called and made a report for the tree and it still has not been resolved.

  2. Kathleen

    You can’t tell me that driver didn’t realize he was under a large tree. He had to be driving a huge truck taking out a big limb like that. Very sad that he had no consideration.
    No more restaurants! Besides the ones you listed there is Flour & Water, Universal Restaurant, Blowfish Sushi & Southern Pacific Brewery.

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