The City Must Be Crazy

Photo by Mark Rabine.

Photo by Mark Rabine.

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Carl Nolte was wandering around the Mission the other day and discovered a Victorian – the top floor anyway – going for $1 million plus. The city – a place where everyone is exactly 27, he writes –  is going a bit nutty.

Just past 26th Street I passed an old Victorian with a fresh coat of paint. I’d seen it before when it didn’t look so hot. Now it was all spiffy with a “sale pending” sign in the front yard and a glossy brochure, describing this 125-year-old house and its advantages: “High-tech wiring and state-of-the-art appliances provide modern amenities while living in Old World Style.”

I never gave much of a thought to this block. There’s a couple of bars, a mortuary and aSalvation Army store up the street.

Million-dollar flat

Little did I know. The place was offered for $1.195 million, and not for the whole house. Just the top floor, a “stylish flat … ready for occupancy.”

A million bucks for an upper flat at 26th and Valencia? You must be crazy. HE’s GOT A POINT READ MORE HERE

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  1. John

    A million is the norm now. It’s not excessive at all, given that average home prices are higher in a number of other world-class cities.

    Perhaps the only surprising thing is that SF really isn’t a world class city, but rather a small’ish provincial city that happens to have a great location.

    No, if you want to know what is crazy, it’s the 1BR flat near me that just rented for $5K a month. It’s nice, and is just across the “border” from 94110 in 94114. It’s maybe 700 square feet.

    It rents to some European guy who works for Apple. AFAIK, that’s a record rent for a 1BR anywhere in SF and it’s in our back yard.

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