PHOTOS: Faces of Trans March

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Yesterday, hundreds upon hundreds of people gathered in Dolores Park for the 11th annual Trans March. This is a historic year for Trans March. Before the gathered celebrants marched downtown to commemorate famed transgender performer Vicki Marlane with a stretch of Turk Street, we talked to some  in the crowd about why they came to Dolores and what the Trans March meant to them.


Reporting by Leslie Nguyen-Okwu, Photos by Claudia Escobar


One Comment

  1. Vera DelMar

    I attended the Trans March yesterday having traveled from Tucson, Arizona as a representative of the Tucson LGBT Freedom Day Parade Board. As Secretary of the Board, I joined our Chair, Bianca Lucrecia, who makes her home both in San Francisco and Tucson. She is a long-time Trans woman who was active in the early years with Harvey Milk and Sylvester. We both had a wonderful time mingling and supporting Trans sisters and brothers. I even got to ride in the trolley down to Turk Street for the street dedication honoring Vicki Marlane. Had so much fun meeting so many fabulous people like City Supervisor David Campos, State Senator Mark Leno, CityHuman Rights Commissioner Theresa Sparks, who will be our parade’s Grand Marshall in October in Tucson, AZ. I also sat next to a very friendly, and funny woman named Grace, who is active in helping Liberian Trans citizens. God Bless her and her work.

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