Venture Capital Flows, Except for Women and Minorities

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Well, it appears that tech can solve everything except any equity in funding, according to a piece in the SF Business Times.

A study by the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire found that of 67,000 angel investor deals in 2012, 4 percent involved women-owned startups and less than 1 percent involved minority-owned ventures.

The low percentages are not because of a scarcity of women and minorities seeking cash for their ventures. The Center for Venture Research study showed that women-owned ventures represented 16 percent of entrepreneurs seeking money and minority-owned ventures represented 6 percent of those seeking funding.

To combat this trend, the National Minority Angel Network will hold a seminar May 6 in the Bay Area to help women and minority entrepreneurs in the race for funding. Info can be found here.  READ THE FULL PIECE HERE


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  1. John

    Rather an unfortunate picture. I suspect that is not the mode of attire that most VC’s want to see in applicants.

    Anyway, it’s not the fault of those with funds to invest f the only people who apply are white males.

    And Asians who, for some odd reason, don’t count as a “minority”.

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