Some in Tech Turn to Nonprofits

David Campos moderates a panel with speakers from the tech industry. Photo by Erica Hellerstein.

SF Gate writes that at least some in tech are moving into the nonprofit world.

“Most of the people I know in the tech sector don’t set out to create a trivial product,” said Halbert. “For me, I wanted the outcome of my work to have a more positive impact, for most of the hours of my day.”

Halbert has become a sort of nonprofit evangelist, urging other techies to re-evaluate their values and how they align with their work. Recently, he outlined his strategy in a step-by-step guide on the blog of Omakase, a startup that seeks to drive tech workers to philanthropy.

“I made this leap after years of half-heartedly searching for more meaning in my daily work,” he wrote. “I accepted that more meaning likely meant less pay.” READ MORE.

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