SNAP: Affordable Housing in the Mission

On Mission between 14th and 15th.

Note: Mayor Lee promises 30,000 new affordable “units” by 2020. Shopping carts not included.

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  1. two beers

    Is that one of John’s rentals?

    • John

      I’m afraid that the ability to profit from the city’s homeless is mostly reserved for the non-profit and city-run SRO’s who charge $40-$60 a night for a roach-infested, urine-stained bunk.

      • Blexxxxch

        And I’m sure you can offer something better? Or you’re just here to criticize? Or wait, what will you call it? Just an observation….

        • John

          It’s a catch-22. If you offer “something better” to homeless people, more will arrive to take advantage of that generosity, and you are back to square one.

          So, no, I don’t have a solution and apparently nobody else does either.

  2. John

    Mark, did Lee say he would build 30,000 “affordable” units by 2020?

    I thought he said just that he would build 30,000 units. With the assumption that most would be market-rate.

    It seems unlikely that many of them could be affordable because they are not affordable to build in the first place.

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