Good Morning Mission!

Balmy Alley

Balmy Alley

It’s 7 a.m., 52° and headed to 61°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

The grass is always greener. The Excelsior would like to see the tech boom spread into its reaches, according to a report on SF Gate.

Walk up Mission Street to Bernal. Once there you will find the newly expanded Ishi Sushi + Ni Bar, which the SF Weekly writes, is well worth the walk.

The Muni Map Caffeinated. Muni Diaries has the map for you. You’ll never run low.

A Mission cred question: What craft shop’s inventory is made mostly within a six-block radius of the shop?

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    • John

      It’s good that Solnit got slapped down here. Her trite derivative piece on gentrification was little more than a self-serving re-hash to garner some cheap eyeballs the way “greed and envy” stories seem to do.

      This fifteen minutes of mediocrity too will pass.

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