20th Street is Getting More Coffee Pumped Through

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The stretch of 20th Street seems to be taking another round of coffee pumped through its veins with Sightglass opening up recently — smaller than their original spot in SoMa, but “warm and inviting.”

There will be some Sightglass-roasted coffees exclusive to the 20th Street outpost. Owners Justin and Jerad Morrison will be roasting small lots of beans on a ’60s-era five-kilo Probat roaster that they found in South Africa.

Hours are Monday–Saturday from 7am–7pm, and Sunday from 8am–7pm. READ MORE.

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  1. Chris

    Promoting gentrification again, ML?

    • John

      Chris, you only want anti-gentrification pieces on ML? You prefer bias to balance in your news reporting?

  2. nutrisystem

    Sightglass and their recycled “60’s era Probat roaster” found in South Africa. What a bunch of pretentious hooey.

    I’ll be sure to check it out, than have a coffee at Atlas across the street.

    • John

      Your ideology must be all-consuming that you can develop hatred even for something as innocent as a place to buy coffee.

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