2013 Ends in Drought

Tweet from John Ewald, media relations at NOAA Headquarters.

Tweet from John Ewald, media relations at NOAA Headquarters.

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The U.S. Government’s Drought Monitor reports that 31% of the lower 48 states ended the year in moderate or extreme drought. The Bay Area has suffered from severe drought and parts of central California have been hit by extreme drought.

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  1. John

    I’m just waiting for some predictable ideolog to blame this on global warming.

    • nutrisystem

      “Rush says this drought has nothing to do with global warming. People who believe in ‘scientific observations’ are just self-hating dumb lefties who envy the success of oil companies.”

      • John

        The point was more that we now cannot have any kind of even minimal variation in weather patterns without the conspiracy nutjobs crawling out of the woodwork claiming it is all about global warming.

        And of course they hope to use that scaremongering to achieve the kind of anti-business political change that the voters rightfully always reject.

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