Zuckerberg Joins in Million $ Math Prize

Time to hit the books!

Time to hit the books!

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The New York Times reports today that:

Yuri Milner, the Russian entrepreneur, philanthropist and self-described “failed physicist” who made a splash two years ago when he began handing out lavish cash awards to scientists, is expanding the universe of his largess again: He and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced Thursday night that they would begin handing out $3 million awards to mathematicians.  READ MORE HERE



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  1. Kudos where kudos is due!

    It’s commendable of Zuckerberg to give some portion of his money to a worthy cause, and awesome to see an article that could foster more enthusiasm towards science and mathematics (even if the cynic in me can’t help but wonder if this is a PR stunt). While he’s a man with many flaws (as everyone ultimately is), I find it laudable that he’s proven himself willing to invest a small part of his wealth into pursuing scientific knowledge and advancements that could benefit us all.

  2. Yeah, no kidding, right?

    I was sad to see that Google is also a member of Alec’s “communication and technology task force”.
    So much for “Don’t Be Evil”.

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