What You May Have Missed Over the Weekend

C'mon, MIssionites: Get some paint on this thing!

C'mon, MIssionites: Get some paint on this thing!

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Photo by Lydia Chávez

Photo by Lydia Chávez


Heather Mack reveals local opinions over the tech buses. Scout’s honor: they weren’t staged!


Dan Hirsch hung out with the Animal Care and Control officer who rescues animals in peril across the city —including a live chicken with its wings hacked off by some torturous soul.

Alexandra Garreton catches up with the folks behind Four Barrel Coffee on Valencia. Get ready for your coffee porn.

And one zeitgeist-catching contest:

Mission Local is facilitating a truce — a collaboration even — between artists and the group formerly known as techies before the Chronicle told us that was a new hate word in our oh-so-PC city. We’re collecting submissions of artwork to be emblazoned on the side of Genentech commuter buses by December 31. Our editor, Lydia Chavez, might even play Bill Clinton in a Rabin-Arafat moment of peace with the winner and a Genentech rep. I’m imagining the page views now.

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