What do Mission Jews do on Christmas?

We asked this question in December, 2010 and posted the answer on Christmas Day. It’s unlikely that it has changed much. Tickets for the Kung Pao Kosher Comedy show are here. 



  1. Jane, Amelia's Ex and Catholic Ham Provider

    And this is where Amelia is! On the Internet NOT at our house consuming ham, damn!

    Amelia!?! Why have you forsaken us!?!

    Oy vey!

    Jane Anne…

  2. Jeni

    Cute story! I’ve gone to Kung Pao in the past and it’s always lots of fun.

    However, someone should tell the young lady in grey at :25 that tattoos are against the religion and not allowed in Judaism. :-) If she’s really Jewish, she should know better! I wonder what her mom thinks…

  3. I agree with Jen, The lady with the tatoo’s, is a Jewish(taboo) no-no! However, I learned a long time ago to enjoy a non-religious Christmas. Way back in 1960, I was a jewelry salesman at Kay Jewelers near 24th & Mission. I also recall hanging some empty stocking on our fireplace in the1940’s, and finding oranges and apples in them the next day. At least it was not a lump of coal! To everyone, have a peaceful holiday season.

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