Victim of Wednesday Shooting is in Critical Condition

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The 20-year-old victim of a shooting on Wednesday evening at 26th and Mission streets is “still in life-threatening condition,” at San Francisco General Hospital, said a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department.

Police continue to search for the suspects who fled in a car, he said. The shooting occurred at 7:55 p.m.. The victim’s name has not been released. He was taken to the hospital by a friend, police reported today.

The victim was shot in the torso by a handgun, police said. After the incident, police asked for the surveillance tapes at the Stop and Shop Market.

At this time, SFPD is asking the public for help in locating the suspect(s). If you have any information on last night’s shooting, you can call 415-575-4444, or text TIP411, with “SFPD” at the beginning of the message.

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  1. ThatGuy

    When is that shit hole 26 Mix going to be shut-down? Its all fucking thugs in there.

  2. gee

    Why are ypu guys letting people kno how hes doing… guys are giving somebody the satisfaction!!!!!!

  3. LindaJ

    Yea, It’s sad how we can’t walk our own neighborhoods without looking over our shoulders, scare to get rob or shot at with these drive-by. What they need to do is enforced brighter lights in these dark areas, more patrolling instead of focusing on the bus stops and job opportunities for these young/felons instead of turning our backs on them because they are felons. Oh yeah, and just because because you look hispanic doesn’t mean your automatically in a gang or criminal, lets not be ignorant, just saying.

    • That Guy

      Get out the mission if you don’t like it. The police’s job is to enforce laws not accommodate how you personally feel and kill hipsters and yuppies.

      • LindaJ

        Is not the police duty to ENFORCED laws, their job is to PROTECT & SERVE the community, and im not speaking to accommodate anyone’s need, get that straight homeboy

      • Shut up, troll.
        If this is the Linda J I know, she’s lived in the Mission longer than I’ve been alive and she doesn’t have to answer to a little punk like you.

        • TheTruth.

          By dictionary terms Police the civil force of a national or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order. Nothing about serving the community when was the last time you seen a cop feed the homeless…. never.

          and Fyodor D. your just soft

  4. City

    Your all idiots!!!! Shut the fuck up all you bleeding hearts.

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