T + L Determines SF Residents = Pretty + Smart

By: Amy Mathur, Dec. 6 2012.

By: Amy Mathur, Dec. 6 2012.

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The San Francisco Chronicle has a story today on Travel and Leisure’s findings:

Great news, San Franciscans! We’re the smartest, prettiest, and the most tech savvy city in the United States. Or, at least, that’s what Travel + Leisure’s readership said in this year’s rendition of the annual “America’s Favorite Cities” list.  READ MORE HERE


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  1. Lol, like there was ever any doubt, right? ;) Y’all other cities best be recognizin’!

    Obviously we ranked high in sophistication, easy-going attitudes, stylishness and friendliness as well, but I’m a little peeved we were only ranked 3rd when it comes to how “offbeat” our residents are perceived to be. I believe the popularity of the show “Portlandia” gave Portland an unfair edge there.

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