Pedestrian Injured in Hit-and-Run

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A man was critically injured after being struck by a car in the Mission District early Thursday morning. The victim, whose name has not been released, suffered life-threatening injuries and is at San Francisco General Hospital.

Police said the man, who is believed to be in his 20s, was crossing the intersection near Valencia Street and Clinton Park when he was hit by a black sedan. The incident is under investigation.


  1. community

    we need fewer cars on our roads. Personal cars are generally not appropriate for a dense urban area.

    • John

      So one guy gets hurt by a car and you want to ban all cars?

      Over-react much?

      • community

        I said “fewer” not “ban all”

        • John

          What powers would you like to award yourself to reduce the number of cars in SF?

          Why would you seek to interfere with free choice and an open market?

          And why do you think that a small number of anti-car zealots should get their way over the hundreds of thousands of people who use cars in and around SF?

      • nutrisystem

        He died from his horrific injuries. His name was Kurt Dalen.

        And it’s not just one guy, San Francisco averages 17 pedestrians killed by cars per year.

        The motorists involved are almost never prosecuted.

        When people get behind the wheel, they need to keep firmly in mind that they are operating deadly weapons and PAY ATTENTION (to the road ahead, not the iphone) at ALL TIMES.

        There is no such thing as an “accident”. Somebody did something stupid, and it resulted in a horrible death.

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