Naughty Santas

From December 2012.

From December 2012.

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports on the day and you’ve probably already seen a few of the Santas in the Mission.

The jingling bells, holiday-colored sequins, mistletoe and fake, cottony beards met in Union Square before heading off to the bars in various other neighborhoods throughout the city. Many of the Santas brought with them toy donations for San Francisco Fire Department‘s toy program, even as they mugged for photos, sipped beer, smoked joints and led the crowd in chants of “Ho, ho, ho!” READ MORE HERE

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  1. Best part of the article:
    “To the likely chagrin of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who famously said on her show last week that Santa was white, there were Santas of all colors present Saturday, including one with his face painted green and another with his chest painted red.”

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