High Housing Costs Push Many Teachers Out of S.F.

Photo by Leah Millis, The Chronicle

Photo by Leah Millis, The Chronicle

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The average San Francisco teacher makes $62K a year, but that seems to be not enough to keep up with the rapidly rising rents. A recent state survey found that more than 15,000 people have moved to Alameda County, many of whom came from San Francisco.

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  1. backtotheburbs

    Before John comments, here is his context from an earlier post because he’s probably already said everything and anything he could possibly say on this site. That includes providing the very predictable frame of reference for someone who is anti-equality, anti-rent control, anti-tenant, anti- ‘low value’ individual, pro- ‘high value’ individual, pro-economic displacement, anti-affordability.

    So here goes (from an early Dec. Mission Local post) …

    December 3, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    One rental building I bought in 1996 was, just ten years later, worth three times what I paid for it.

    • John

      You have a problem with local residents achieving success? Why?

      To the point, I do not think housing policy should be job-specific any more than it should be race-specific, so the topic is a non-issue.

      Not everyone can afford to live in SF.

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