Good Morning Mission!

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It’s 45°, headed to a spring-like 66° today, continuing the regional streak of stagnant, hazy, holiday air.

Ah, the day after Christmas. Fire sales, expanding girths. If you’re not headed back into work today, check out this 2008 New York Times guide on how to wile away a day of leisure in the neighborhood. Things have changed a bit — Savanna Jazz is now facing eviction, Elements Hostel is gone — but much more has stayed the same. The description of the first dot-com era sounds eerily familiar in this recession-era tourism piece that couldn’t have foreseen what would happen by 2013: “Sleek bars moved next door to divey taquerias. Boutiquey knick-knack shops came in alongside fusty dollar stores.”

The Roxie Theater welcomes a new Spanish-born director.

The Chronicle has an interesting piece on the attempt of major Northern California figures in sustainable food movement — Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser —  to expand the foodie focus from just the treatment of animals, to the treatment of the workers toiling in the lower rungs of the, well, food chain. It’s a subject that certainly resonates in the Mission, where Whole Foods consumers live next to line cooks at the tony restaurants.

Our Christmas day cartoon ”No Room in the Mission,” depicted the Holy Family being evicted from a Mission Victorian. The two online commenters neatly outlined the opposing arguments about gentrification in the city. One wrote a rather pro-Holy Family observation: “Ellis Acted from the manger.” The other was less sympathetic to a low-income family moving into an expensive city: “Why would a modern-day Joseph and Mary move to a town which they know they could not afford to live in, let alone raise an immaculately conceived child? My thought for Christmas Day.”

Today’s Possibilities:

Well, the city meetings may be on holiday right now, but you can watch the re-runs on TV! Of course, after a day at home with the relatives yesterday, you may be itching to go out.

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