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Courtesy of Helladown

Courtesy of Helladown

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In what has become my morning routine, I read another controversial bit of news (or gossip, really). Mr. Greg Gopman was caught posting under the influence of ego trip and wondered out loud, “Why the heart of our city has to be overrun by crazy, homeless, drug dealers, dropouts, and trash.” and goes on to claim he “[has] no clue” why it is this way. Oh, brother …READ MORE HERE

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  1. Wow this guy is disgusting…

    First Jason Shih and now Greg Gopman. Why do these guys move to the city if they hate it here so much?

  2. John

    It’s not unusual for people to say they are frustrated and angry about the homeless people in SF.

    Why is that news?

  3. John

    I didn’t get past the word “goobers” as that made it obvious to me that the author was biased.

    My point was restricted to the observation that it is very common for SF residents to complain about the homeless problem, and how it can make life here very unpleasant.

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