Chalkboard by Justin Charles Hoover

By Justin Charles Hoover

By Justin Charles Hoover

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Justin Charles Hoover, the gallery director and curator at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco,  describes his entry as ”Banksy meets Candy Chang meets Margaret Thatcher in a non-violent Mad Max Silicon Valley.”

I propose to frame the bus as a community message board and allow the community to participate in decorating it. This will be done by painting the entire bus in blackboard paint. Then I would strategically locate boxes full of chalk at all the locations where the bus stops.

The bus itself will be fully matte black, like a specter haunting the streets, except it will have the words “Keep Calm and Open Source” painted in the iconic red of the original poster design. This would be the stimulus for the general public to write directly on the bus itself. In this way the bus becomes a living mural, akin to a comments page on a blog site, and a way to get real interaction with the public.  Let the people in general participate in the process.

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  1. Fabrizio

    Great Idea!!

  2. nutrisystem

    This has potential… it ties in nicely to the very tech-chic “crowdsourcing” meme.

    And if the owners object to flat black because it seems too evil, the white buses can be used as-is as giant dry-erase boards. The only cost would be the boxes of dry-erase markers at the bus stops.

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