VIDEO: 4505 Meats Goes Whole Hog

En Español.

Struggling to pay the bills on a nonprofit salary, chef and whole-animal butchery expert Ryan Farr began making chicharrones in his Mission District apartment from leftover pig skins, selling them to local bars for extra cash. This under-the-radar DIY gig became the foundation for 4505 Meats in 2009. Specializing in locally sourced whole-animal butchery, 4505 Meats opened a small retail space in December 2012 on Mission Street near 15th, just two blocks from Farr’s apartment where it all began.


  1. Christine

    Love these guys! I live closely, but went vegetarian just a month before they opened last year. I wish they had been around when I ate meat! I really respect the way 4505 does business, and not supporting factory-farming makes me feel a lot less shitty about consuming animals.

    Should I start eating meat again, I know where I’ll get it from.

  2. marcos

    You really should try sliding your hot meat between their succulent buns.

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