Mural Inspiration: Valparaiso, Chile

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Long ago, George Lipp began cataloging Mission Murals and Jamie Goldberg put them up into a slide show.

We’ve decided that it would also be interesting to run a summer series on murals from elsewhere.

If you have some that you would like to post, please send them to or put them in a public drop box where we can access them and we will create a slideshow of them.

If you’re a gazillionaire, maybe you’d like to sponsor trips for Mission artists to experience Valparaiso and other cities that promote murals.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post. I really enjoyed viewing images.
    Kind regards,

    From Australia.


  2. Kathleen Narruhn

    That was fun!

  3. Lisette

    Great idea!

  4. Valpo is such a unique city! What a neat window into Chilean artistic expression.

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