What’s That Art Piece on the Wall? ArtAround Will Tell You

It all started with the Mission’s public art. Well, sort of. Anna Bloom, who works as a content strategist at HotStudio, loves the Mission’s art, especially the work of Jet Martinez, the man behind many great pieces including the one at the Mission Community Market.

“A big part of what inspired us to make this art app was the kind of amazing street art you see in the Mission — the kind that pops up today and might be gone tomorrow. We wanted to get to know more about it — not just where it is, but who made it,” Bloom wrote.

With ArtAround, Bloom and Laurenellen McCann want to include as much public art around the city as possible. That includes allowing app users to contribute their own photos and information.

Want to help them raise $25,000 by June 2? Click here.


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