Paul Revere Principal Pleads Not Guilty

Photo Courtesy of Bernal Wood

Photo Courtesy of Bernal Wood

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Sheila Sammon Milosky, the principal at the Paul Revere School in Bernal Heights, plead not guilty to charges of driving under the influence and hit and run. Her lawyer, Sam Ware, appeared in court at the San Francisco Hall of Justice this morning to enter the plea for Milosky.

Milosky was arrested on May 12 just south of the Golden Gate Bridge after allegedly hitting two cars and driving away.

“The bottom line is that if she made a mistake, she’ll own up to it,” Ware said.

Clutching a brown file, Ware told reporters that he had received the toxicology and police reports from the court this morning and will now review the documents.

“This case has just been born. Up until now they’re just accusations,” Ware said.

Milosky was named principal at Revere during the last school year, after the school was designated as underperforming and received a stake in the federal School Improvement Grant program.

The principal came under fire last fall when some parents insisted she had instituted “corporal punishment” and strict and unfair policies, like restricting bathroom breaks, at the K-8 school. Others parents said they had called police to complain, although no formal police charges were on file.

Milosky is scheduled to head back to court on June 26 at 1:45 p.m.



  1. so the kids get an early lesson in justice in our courts – how it works – first you get caught with the goods( breathalizer) -than you hire an atty who tells you to lie so you do and then-?

  2. bob

    Innocent until proven guilty.

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