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If you’re itching to watch a movie that features your favorite neighborhood, look no further than “Romantico,” a documentary from 2005 about itinerant street musician Carmelo Muñiz Sánchez.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

“Romantico is a documentary about Mexican musician Carmelo Muñiz Sánchez, who returns home to his beloved daughters after years spent playing San Francisco’s taquerías and hipster joints. But once Carmelo arrives in his hometown — over a thousand miles south of the border — he finds himself immediately confronted with the struggles that led to his first border crossing. Despite working the mariachi circuit (weddings, funerals, quinceañeras) and at bars that cater to prostitutes and their clients, Sánchez soon realizes he can’t adequately support his family and plots a return to the U.S. At the age of 60, another border crossing begins to seem absurd, but Carmelo has not given up….”

Carmelo’s story is really that of hundreds of musicians nationwide, like Manuel, who we profiled last year.

“Romantico” is available as an instant play film on Netflix.

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  1. this movie is great =)
    the woman from Los Jarritos, was the one that actually informed me about it as the crew ate there while filming.
    highly recommended, thanks for putting a smile on my face this AM

    • Rigoberto Hernandez Post author

      I am really glad you enjoyed it. I recently became aware of it and it is one of my favorite movies. What really makes it great for me is that it goes in depth in his life, something that doesn’t happen very often in the stories of immigrants. You really get to know who Carmelo is.

  2. Chava

    thanks guys, its such a great film to know about.

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